About Us

           Adivasi Sanrachana Sewa Santhan was established in 1996 with a vision to address the problem and create awareness among weaker sections of the Community facing issues like livelihood, Farming, women’s Issues, Education, Health, Migration, and bringing awareness about the basic rights of the marginal community, government schemes and bring them together to fight for their rights. The organization is focused on developing and strengthening the village community and making them self-sustainable, through capacity building, advocacy efforts, equally empowering both the counterparts, through institution building at local levels, and gender mainstreaming. Issues focused on by the organization are livelihood options for men and women of SC and ST communities through on formal non-formal activities, environment conservation and ecological balance, women-specific issues including women’s health and violence.

Our organization’s priority focus is on ultra-poor people from Tribal, Dalits and other communities, Women & Children, unorganized labours, disabled persons, etc.

Our Vision

“To ascertain right to live with dignity for poor and deprived people belonging to rural community. “

Our Mission

  1. To promote self- reliance and sustainability among poor section by extending support mechanisms through awareness generation and capacity building.
  2. To create and promote sustainable livelihood opportunities to increase food security of the marginalized section.
  3. To identify and develop local leadership in the village and increase management capacity of the community to lead long term development plans.
  4. To evolve and empower community-based organization at local level those are accountable and responsible to take initiatives for the upliftment of the society.
  5.  Raise voices against injustice and undertake advocacy on issues at all levels.
  6.  Promote democratic governance at grass root that will ensure people participation and transparency in decision making process.
  7. To promote gender equality and sensitivity in all development initiatives.

Work Area Betul, Narmadapuram & Satna District in Madhya Pradesh.