Covid 19 Responce

     During the time of Covid 19 pandemic and with the help of community, ASSS has worked immensely through relief support by distributing hygiene, ration and stationery kits. So that every basic need of the beneficiary families could be met.

       About 6oo families who need assistance were identified in Betul and Narmadapuram district. Asss organisation has worked and helped migrant workers, single women, elderly, differently able and needy families.

        Majority of the students from the rural area were unable to explore the online learning as they were having limited or no internet access. The organisation also worked and helped students by providing reading materials and stationery to keep children connected with education.

         During the time of lockdown, the community workers have been seen as a warrior and worked actively to protect the community during the pandemic the organisation has conducted an awareness programme in villages of Betul and Narmapuram district.  As a result of this the effect of pandemic in those areas was less.

Impact – 1500 families get relief by providing them ration, hygiene material, study material and awareness programme.